{Maxi}mum Style

There are a million reasons why I love spring and summer, but besides the obvious, one of my favorite reasons is because I can finally pull out the spring dresses and maxi skirts! Time to free these legs from the confinement of tights and feel the fresh air.
I wore this dress (hand-me-down from my roommate!) for the first time a couple weeks ago and it had been pleasantly warm, mostly 60s and a couple days in the 70s. So it was perfect for a trial run of the dress. Until now, I forgot how much I missed the comfort of soft, flowy dresses. This one was definitely all of those things! I could seriously wear this outfit every day of my life.

I’ve also been obsessing over my Keds that I bought last year, and only wore a few times because I was afraid of getting them dirty walking around this less-than-clean city. But this year, I’m throwing all caution to the wind and not caring. Yeah, watch out. There’s no stopping me now! #cantstopwontstop wearing the Keds.

(Update on this…I went a little too crazy and wore them to the Brooklyn botanical gardens….and it was all downhill from there after the dust took over and then my incessant scrubbing made the red interior leak through the fabric! {insert cry face emoji here} I’m not a fan of this result and wondering if some bleach will do the trick? Darn you, beautiful white shoes and my resolve to not care!)

…ok, I’m back.

This chambray top has been my go-to lately as well, as it’s the perfect cover up for when it’s just barely too cool for no sleeves but not cold enough for a sweater.



What are your favorite styles to wear this spring and summer? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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