Comfortable Casual

Spring has finally arrived (and decided to stay! I think…) in the city of New York! Today it showed its beautiful blue-skied face with sun rays and all. It’s amazing how much of a mood-changer a little sun can be. After going to my kickboxing class this morning, I ventured down to the Union Square Farmers Market (one of my favorite places to be in this weather!) to pick up some fresh food for the week, and some pretty pink daisies to put on my bedroom windowsill. Not an extensively busy day, but a great one nonetheless, due to the weather!
Earlier this week we had a couple decent days as well, so here’s what I wore. I had just purchased these great Favorite T’s from American Eagle and they are just so soft and comfy. I paired one of them with my PacSun boyfriend jeans I’ve had since college. I seriously love them and always come back to them when the weather is appropriate. If there was ever a jean that got my full approval, it would be boyfriend jeans. It is so hard to find the perfect fitting pair of jeans, but these, they just feel like sweatpants…what more could you want in a jean?IMG_4254IMG_4327IMG_4354These converse are my new favorites, I saw them on and just had to have them. It was a whole process before buying them though, because they are technically men’s, and the smallest size was still a little large on me, but in the end I just bought some inserts and wa-la! They fit! I guess I’m just unintentionally adding some of that menswear-inspired style into my wardrobe.
IMG_4337And of course, bright lipstick because who can live without it? Especially now that spring is here, I’m all about that color.

Outfit deets:
tee: American Eagle Favorite V-neck
boyfriend jeans: PacSun
sneakers: Converse from
necklaces: Speakable & BaubleBar
lipstick: Sugarplum from Forever21

One thought on “Comfortable Casual

  1. Very nice blog Faithie. I still can’t accept the “holey” jeans though. If they feel like sweat pants, you must have sweated holes right through them. Im jdkg. Keep up the blogging. Love you.


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