Pancakes on a Penny

This past weekend I was reveling in the glory of being able to sleep in for two whole days in a row. I recently got a new mattress (upgraded from a twin to a full!), so I then proceeded to purchase a mattress pad made of clouds, two new feather pillows and a throw pillow to go with my color scheme. So you could say pretty much the only thing I was looking forward to doing (at least when I was not doing it due to being an adult and needing to do things like grocery shop) was being smack dab in the middle of that bed.
When I awoke Sunday morning, I wanted to make a delicious weekend breakfast, the kind you would get if you were still living at home and just casually woke up to the smell of coffee, eggs, and bacon being made. However, what I soon came to realize was that due to my need to grocery shop, I only had a few items left that could qualify as breakfast food.
I have also been trying to discipline myself to eat much healthier lately- with a sort of loose paleo diet- so that also narrowed my options (the variety bag of chocolate from Christmas was definitely off-limits).
But then I remembered something I had come across on Pinterest a while back and had tried before: 3 ingredient pancakes. Now, the ones I had tried before did not have any type of flour in them, just bananas, eggs, and cinnamon. So they tasted good, but were pretty flat. However, upon looking again, I found a recipe that is specifically paleo and has bananas, eggs, and coconut flour. We have so much coconut flour in our apartment that I decided this was what I would be making.


Guys, these pancakes are super easy to make, and would taste great with any additions (I added cinnamon because cinnamon is obviously great in everything). Even without any added sugar they are so sweet and so delicious! Also, very filling and satisfying. It’s the kind of recipe you need to have on hand if you like quick (and cheap) healthy options!


Go here to get the recipe; it’s from A Spicy Perspective blog, she has a ton of great recipes over there, go check it out if you like food (and if you don’t, well…to be honest I’m just not sure how this friendship is going to work out). I’m thinking I will definitely need to make these pancakes again and try the Raspberry Maple Syrup on top, it looks delish!


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